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New Waverunner 2018

5 september 2017

New colors and graphics on our broad line-up

What really makes the difference when it comes to choosing a watercraft? According to our loyal owners, its knowing that they are buying the best of the best – the one with the sort of innovative features and performance that no other watercraft can offer them.

Riding made easier and more relaxing

A great example is Yamaha’s unique and exclusive RiDE® system, standard on most models, which is a complete revolution in control and makes it unlike any other watercraft. Ever.

At the heart of RiDE are the industry’s first dual handlebar throttle levers that deliver new levels of precision and control, whether you’re moving forwards, in reverse – or just having fun carving some turns.

It’s the most intuitive driving experience on the water. Just squeeze the right handlebar lever to go

forward. Squeeze the left lever for slowing down from speed – and squeeze the right handlebar lever for selecting neutral. Squeeze the left lever again for great control in reverse. No shifting. No gears. The only thing to think about is how much fun it is to RiDE.

Try finding another watercraft that’s so relaxing and easy to handle – or one that offers models with push-button remote security, electronic or manual quick-shift (QSTS) trim systems, electronic throttle control and a host of features like clear, accurate multi-function instruments, comfortable re-boarding facilities and practical, spacious storage options. It won’t be easy.

Power and performance for fun

At the heart of every WaveRunner is a technically advanced marine engine that has earned a legendary reputation for smooth, impressive power, reliability and economy. Whether it’s the award-winning

1049cc 3-cylinder TR-1 unit or the supercharged High Output version of our 1812cc engine that powers the awesome GP1800, it has been designed to deliver a level of power and performance unequalled in the industry.  Our owners  know that –  it’s yet another  WaveRunner  advantage  that ‘makes the difference’ – and makes it the right choice.

The Yamaha WaveRunner line-up for 2018

FX Series

Leading the way is the much-admired FX Series that combines exhilarating performance levels with ultimate luxury. This is an impressive 4-model line-up and includes the FX SVHO, FX Cruiser SVHO, FX HO and FX Cruiser HO.

EX Series

With its focus firmly on family fun, the 3-model EX Series brings an amazing level of affordability to the 3-seater  watercraft  sector  with gutsy performance,  combined  with stable, easy handling and economical running costs.

VX Series

Sporty styling, great performance, exceptional economy, low maintenance and many features – all have played their part in making the VX models our most sought-after watercraft. But it is their all-round versatility that has gained them such a loyal following.

High Performance and Racing

The mega-performance, supercharged GP1800 is the undisputed star at the head of the pack and in demand  worldwide,  alongside  its sister high-performer,  the VXR. The unique  and unmistakeable SuperJet, yet another Yamaha legend of the racing world, is exclusively for competition use, and is as much in demand as ever.

And at a glance …



VXR® SuperJet



FX Cruiser SVHO® FX® HO

FX Cruiser® HO


VX Cruiser® HO VX Cruiser

VX DeLuxe

EX DeLuxe EX Sport

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